About Earth-Artists.com

  Purchase your Custom-Built Solar-Powered Generator Today!

Purchase your Custom-Built Solar-Powered Generator Today!


It all started when…

Corey Booth and Dan Miller decided to start a construction company that offers Artistic Carpentry & Renovation that is 100% unique. While we offer Conventional Construction services, our Passion is in Creating Original Products & Renovations that our Customers will appreciate and take pride in every time they step into a room.

We hire employees who are efficient, reliable, and believe in safety before, during, and after each project.

We are Eco-Conscious and use as many Earth-Freindly Products and Processes as humanly possible. Recycling any applicable waste materials and using earth-friendly new materials is always a priority with us.

We offer Solar-Powered Construction with our Custom-Built Generators which can easily power all of our tools and equipment. If you’re a home owner or business, we can custom-build one for you as well.

This team of professionals has set out to make your home and business stylish and unique. We look forward to working with you in the future and thank all of our customers who we have worked with in the past.